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I was so impressed with Eva Magana Photography. Her portfolio is amazing! So easy to work with and had a great session. I loved all my prints and can't wait to book another appointment. So grateful that we found someone that is passionate and talented as Eva is. Thank you for all you do!



We were overdue for family portraits for well over 5 years. I suggested to my family that we hire Eva to do our portraits and she did not disappoint. Nothing but professional and very up front about picture sizes, prices, framing, etc. After the photos were taken and ready to be viewed she invited us all to view every one she took and decide on which were best and what sizes we wanted. I have a stubborn nephew who doesn't like to look at the camera much less smile. Eva went above and beyond to crop his head from one picture and add it to another picture that we loved but he wasn't looking at the camera. Not even able to tell there was an adjustment made.
My family and I were very pleased with the outcome and will look to Eva for future portraits.


Eva is AMAZING! She has been photographing my family since my first born. She is always super professional, but friendly and warm. She is extremely creative. I highly recommend her work!


I absolutely love Eva Magana Photography! Eva has been photographing my family for many years. Her passion is evident in every picture, she truly is an artist!

Thankful for kind words!